Spring is around the corner and the festival of health in Plovdiv comes traditionally with it!
The project is part of the official program of Plovdiv – European capital of culture 2019.

This year we have an ANNIVERSARY, 10 years with you – our favorite  guests, lecturers, practitioners, healers, exhibitors, coaches,  associates.
The motto is “Gifts of the spirit” and we will devote this edition to the health, strength and beauty! We are preparing a wonderful program, we have news, surprises, traditionally good lecturers and leaders of the sports programmes, movement and practices.
If you want us to invite somebody who is a favorite lecturer or an exhibitor – message us, suggest them to us.

This year again we are going to be hosted by the House of Science and Technology  next to the Tsar-Simeonovata Garden together with the kind hosts of Lucky Cinema and our favorite central garden.

The dates are 19,20,21 April – Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.
Mark them in your calendars and come.
We will have lectures, meditation, art-workshops, sports and movement, practice, trade presentations and of course our favorite bazaar-exhibition of healthy products.
Your favorite cinema will work once again (festive) with a very interesting array of movies.
The holiday will be completed with cultural shows, music and art in the spirit of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture.


All news will be gradually published on our website

MISSION: The festival is with the ambition to accomplish our idea of popularizing the healthy way of living in its every aspect: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, by mainly using the resources of Plovdiv and for Plovdiv.
To establish awareness and to increase the interest of the people towards a healthy lifestyle, to show a wide range of natural ways of health recovery and for the prevention of illnesses, to stimulate the use of healthy goods and services as well as to encourage specialists and experts to showcase methods with a proven efficiency, safety and simplicity of application.
The festival is a tribune for holistic doctors, consultants, lecturers, therapists, people, dealing with psychological help, coaches of healing movement techniques which show an impressive and captivating world in favor of health.
Our end goal is to celebrate annually for a month in the Town of the hills The Health under various and innovative forms, which would include as many people and organisations as possible which work in this sphere.
The project is part of the official program of Plovdiv – European capital of culture 2019